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Recorded in Charles S. K.\'s home studio. currently: near Munich, Germany listen to a variety of sounds/music/soundscapes. From IDM to ambient, mixed with noise and drone and industrial elements. http://www.r5m.org http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

03.11.20, 21:22:06

Feather Eye - New Single - Official Release Date: Friday 13th - November 2020

Download (6,3 MB)

Feather Eye - New Single - Official Release Date: Friday 13th - November 2020
This is the brand new FPH single/song.

27.09.20, 17:25:22

TBG - Bilderberg Music "Fox Ruse"

Download (10,9 MB)


A new track from my project TBG - in cooperation with Detroit-based spoken word artist Guy Williams, Jr.
Our official website:


14.08.19, 04:52:17

Once, I've Been to a Funeral

Download (12,6 MB)

This new track (work in progress) deals with friendship and suicide ..... a good friend that I've lost when I was about 18 years old.
I'll be working with a fellow musician on the final version. We'll be adding some vocals and Moog sounds.
More info:


19.05.19, 07:53:11

Arueris - What's Your Zodiac Sign?

Download (7,7 MB)

Song from our debut "AENIGMA".
The Egyptian God Arueris is an Aenigma. He is the second son of Helios and Rhea, brother of Osiris and the half-brother of Isis. But mythology also states that Arueris was begotten by his siblings Osiris and Isis in the womb of Rhea. Therefore he has two sets of parents: Helios and Rhea and Osiris and Isis. He is the son of the Sun and concurrently Horus the Elder (Haroeris, also Her-ur or Her-wer). In the Osiris myth he defeated Seth and thus avenged his brother and father Osiris. His name means all-accomplishing creativeness or active activity. With his half-sister and mother Isis he fathered the four sons of Horus, the guardians of the cardinal points. The ancient Greeks put him equal with Apollon, the God of art, especially music and poetry.

The art and music project ARUERIS, founded in 2016, sends its creative power to all four cardinal points and devotes to cultural topics. The intense soundscapes are mystical-mythologically charged and will be supported by design and aesthetics at the threshold of originality.

ARUERIS // Intellectro Sound Project

19.05.19, 07:48:44

Fake Plastic Heads - Breaks 333

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I've been a bit busy the last couple of months. Back online now. I'll be providing new music on a regular basis.
Breaks 333 is kind of an experiment with breaks and beats, drum and bass so to speak.
More info: http://www.fakeplasticheads.com/