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18.05.15, 06:48:00

HRTBEAT - Original Mix - Fake Plastic Heads (with vocals)

Download (9,1 MB)

A new Fake Plastic Heads track.


Say it out loud
Would you still be proud
Of me, if I chose the other way
And stayed there,
Before breaking down
Before making a sound

These doubts are heading to the core
Digging deep - a whole for you and me
Building frontiers we used to see
Buried within our minds’ eye
Hanging on the dark red tree
A garden full of memories

We walk and talk and take a look
Every now and then a smile
Would you stay by this side
For just a little while?
Touch my hand and hold it tight
Leave the past as it was meant to be?

Meeting ourselves in some distant places
Seeing us growing old, still: you and me
Further - on our way to say goodbye
Thinking of the future
Past the moment when we die
Detaching, cleansing, living, past all regrets
Killing the beasts and laughing at our fears.
Don’t come near, don’t come near.
Step closer to the heartbeat.
Step closer to the heartbeat.

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