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Recorded in Charles S. K.\'s home studio. currently: near Munich, Germany listen to a variety of sounds/music/soundscapes. From IDM to ambient, mixed with noise and drone and industrial elements. http://www.r5m.org http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

28.05.16, 08:19:04

Fake Plastic Heads - as close as you will get

Download (5,5 MB)

This brand new song will be featured on a Spheredelic.com release.
More info: http://www.spheredelic.com

The official FPH website: http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

08.05.16, 20:19:03

GHOSTPRTY - by Fake Plastic Heads

Download (9,4 MB)

This is the brand new song "GHOSTPRTY" from my project Fake Plastic Heads.

More info and sounds: https://soundcloud.com/fph_official

Official website: http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

Commissions: hello@r5m.org

Contact/Booking: hello@redclawrecords.com

Enjoy this one!


24.04.16, 14:33:10

SIX SIX SIX - Original Mix - Fake Plastic Heads

Download (12,4 MB)

Brand new production.
Something for your hips.



09.04.16, 18:39:20

Getting Closer - Outside Mix

Download (5,9 MB)

Another new Fake Plastic Heads song.
Release date for the single: May 15th 2016


Contact & booking: sound@fakeplasticheads.com

See you around!

CSK a.k.a. Fake Plastic Heads

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09.04.16, 18:36:02

You Would Love Life, Wouldn't You?

Download (8,3 MB)

A new production for the weekend.
Take a look at our label's website: http://www.redclawrecords.com

Contact & Booking: sound@fakeplasticheads.com