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Recorded in Charles S. K.\'s home studio. currently: near Munich, Germany listen to a variety of sounds/music/soundscapes. From IDM to ambient, mixed with noise and drone and industrial elements. http://www.r5m.org http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

12.09.16, 06:23:16

Tired of Waiting

Download (9 MB)

We’ve finished working on our brand new track “Tired of Waiting” today. The song featured vocals produced by Owl Yeah.
The song was built step by step with Native Instruments’ Maschine and various sound libraries from the official website.
The vocals were added as a separate sound layer that was tweaked afterwards (in a live session). The sliced audio bits were then arranged to match the flow of the instrumental recording. After adding a couple of effects and after mastering, we’ve uploaded the track to the official Fake Plastic Heads Soundcloud profile.

28.05.16, 08:19:04

Fake Plastic Heads - as close as you will get

Download (5,5 MB)

This brand new song will be featured on a Spheredelic.com release.
More info: http://www.spheredelic.com

The official FPH website: http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

08.05.16, 20:19:03

GHOSTPRTY - by Fake Plastic Heads

Download (9,4 MB)

This is the brand new song "GHOSTPRTY" from my project Fake Plastic Heads.

More info and sounds: https://soundcloud.com/fph_official

Official website: http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

Commissions: hello@r5m.org

Contact/Booking: hello@redclawrecords.com

Enjoy this one!


24.04.16, 14:33:10

SIX SIX SIX - Original Mix - Fake Plastic Heads

Download (12,4 MB)

Brand new production.
Something for your hips.



09.04.16, 18:39:20

Getting Closer - Outside Mix

Download (5,9 MB)

Another new Fake Plastic Heads song.
Release date for the single: May 15th 2016


Contact & booking: sound@fakeplasticheads.com

See you around!

CSK a.k.a. Fake Plastic Heads

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