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Recorded in Charles S. K.\'s home studio. currently: near Munich, Germany listen to a variety of sounds/music/soundscapes. From IDM to ambient, mixed with noise and drone and industrial elements. http://www.r5m.org http://www.fakeplasticheads.com

19.05.19, 07:48:44

Fake Plastic Heads - Breaks 333

Download (3,7 MB)

I've been a bit busy the last couple of months. Back online now. I'll be providing new music on a regular basis.
Breaks 333 is kind of an experiment with breaks and beats, drum and bass so to speak.
More info: http://www.fakeplasticheads.com/

26.03.17, 14:18:07

The Bilderberg Group - Fake Plastic Heads

Download (14,7 MB)

The brand new TBG song, about my Fake Plastic Heads :)


Fake Plastic Heads

A good producer
Proves their worth each time
They accentuate rhymes 
And make the lines sparkle
The Garthok they narfle's
A Tarbell on roids
Their Aykroyd is soy
They enjoy throwing salt in the game
The greats aren't the same
They came to explain 
The frame needs a change
What you might see as strange
They strain to contain
Their mane claims the spotlight 
They can stop fights
Or insight a riot
See they are the pilot
And when their supplied
The right kind of gas
The fire ignited
Makes dust out of glass
Whatever your class
Half empty or full 
Their bull will smash your China shop
They climb your top
Then drop your bass
The space they invade isn't alien
Their fade begins
And singes your hairline
Since they are the chair behind
The mind you control 
Their hold is total
Their mold, can cure your cancer

I don't need a doctor
I came with the Srdjan
My word is the top tier
You, keep your glorified nurse when
I am just a person
His magic allows the dead
To disappeared then reemerge as 
Fake... Plastic... Heads... (x3)

Mine is better than yours
Exploring your pores
He's bored with convention
Heard even by deaf and
Dumb and blind
His lessons are drenched in
Subliminal signs
His criminal mind
Defines your cold case
His chase puts juice on tv
Excuse me, but I must interject
See that's day I first met miss Mary Jane
And I'm barley the same
Since taming those horses
I plotted this course it
Led me to my piper
I'm Mekhi Phifer
A sniper from the future
I recite lighter
Fluid and scoop your
Brain to remove dirt
Clouding perception 
But I'm just stench when
Mentioned alone
I, am unknown
I've grown in his grace
My shape's come full circle 
He colors me purple 
In my princely robes
My emperor's clothes
Show your imperfections 
I, am dressed in his gold

I don't need a doctor
I came with the Srdjan
My word is the top tier
You, keep your glorified nurse when
I am just a person
His magic allows the dead
To disappeared then reemerge as 
Fake... Plastic... Heads... (x3)

Radar one
To some Sir Chuckles 
His Bronson-like knuckles
Scuffle Conformity 
His warning is free
Yet costs you your comfort
He knows how to run ports
Like he's mastered the docks
The hands on his clock
Always knock tomorrow's door
The cords he records
Are sure to break records 
His flag is checkered
Before you even see green
His scene stays cool in the summertime 
My wonder finds him homely
The teeth in my comb he
Carves up my head
If I'm macaroni 
He's cheese to the Fed
Breaking my bread
The beds that they make
Are almost as fake
As the take we all spend
He's more than my friend
He tends to my needs
My seeds speak to his genius
I am Beavis, the butthead is Jesus
And he's in agreement
These demons aren't real
We are the shield 
Yet we, feel we deserve better 

13.03.17, 05:56:53

The Bilderberg Group (Music) - Coconut Lewis

Download (10,1 MB)

I'm in this band: The Bilderberg Group.
This is our new song: Coconut Lewis.

13.03.17, 05:54:33

ARUERIS - I Spit [Short Version]

Download (4,6 MB)

The sound and art project ARUERIS from Munich, Germany has finished working on a brand new track:

I Spit (Short Version).

I kill all words
As one … a/part
You are alone
Every whisper bleeds the sacrifice
A pardon – in your eyes
I am of kings
This is where you feed me
Away from the bottom
This is where you lead me
A way further inside
Deep …
My throat swallows – lies
Wide open
This is my body
This is my skin
As fake as your dreams
My fears are changing
I’m choking
And screaming
And spitting out love.

More info about the project: http://www.arueris.com

03.10.16, 18:07:18


Download (7,1 MB)

New Groove - Tell Your Mom Mix

Tell Your Mom :)